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On the Jawhorse. 3

ISO Box Upper_c.jpg

Bought this Jawhorse at Lowes for $99. Its quickly turning into one of those "How did I make it all these years without one of these" tools. This thing is BADASS!!!

Upper section 4

ISO Box Upper_d.jpg

Upper section with the second layer of insulation. This is 2 inch thick wedge foam. I hung a 12"X12" piece in front of the speaker on the Classic 30 and it does wonders for the sounds. Takes the high spikes and smooths them right out. Give it a try, bet you will love it too.

Upper section 5

ISO Box Upper_e.jpg

I know it looks funky but I was working with used material. It would have come out much nicer looking had I bought new material. But sound-wise, this stuff is working wonderful!

Fully assembled lower 1

ISO Box final_b.jpg

Here it is ready to be sealed. Mic is a Radio Shack special I have had since the early 90's. Works pretty decent for this but I will be getting a Shure SM58, or is it the 57? Well, whichever it is, I will be adding it in the future.

Fully assembled lower 2

ISO Box final_a.jpg

Speaker is a 12" Eminence British Tonker. 150 watt, 2" voice coil and plenty of beef!

Fully assembled lower 3

ISO Box final_c.jpg

I had to add a support for the mic isolator. the assembly is too much weight for the goose-neck. Thank goodness I had a foam pop filter on the mic, otherwise I am sure there would be a hole in the speaker instead of a rub mark.

Ready to sample.

ISO Box ready for exterior-crop.jpg

All sealed up and ready to hook up!

Her new home.

ISO Box ready in the closet-crop.jpg

Here's my new baby in her cubbyhole connected to my Peavey Classic 100. Being sealed attenuates the sound inside considerably but it still passes plenty of sound through the MDF and the insulation. So far I have only used the clean channel (completed yesterday 2 Jan 15) with the volume at about 7.5 One thing I have noticed, I am getting those kick ass tones you hear from rock songs where they are playing through Marshall Stacks. I had no idea this was going to be this cool. The sound going into my 8 track digital recorder and coming out the speakers is fucking rich. It has body, and depth - like 3-D sound if that makes any sense to you. This badboy rocks!

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