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The box

Bare Box Open-crop.jpg

Bare Box

Bare Box-crop.jpg

I.D. is 17.75 X 17.75 and both boxes are 15" deep. Material is 3/4 MDF Added casters for ease of movement because this MoFo is frickin' heavy!

Lower box lined with felt 1

ISO Box Bottom_c-crop.jpg

First layer of sound deadening material.

Lower box 2nd layer 2

ISO Box Bottom_b-crop.jpg

First layer is Felt. Second layer is 2" wedge foam. I didn't have enough of the deadening wool to do the top and bottom so I used up in the top since that is the end where the mic is mounted.

Lower box w/ baffle 1

ISO Box Bottom_d-crop.jpg

The small holes around the speaker opening are breather holes for pressure equalization on both sides of the speaker.

Lower box w/ baffle 2

ISO Box Bottom_e-crop.jpg

Upper section 1

ISO Box Upper_a.jpg

Upper section with the first layer of sound deadening wool installed.

Upper section 2

ISO Box Upper_b.jpg

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