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2002 Peavey Classic 30BT

Peavey Classic 30 Purchased 26 July 14 Sam Ash Madison TN resized.jpg

Purchased used 26 July 2014

I.D. Label

Classic 30 BT ID Plaque-crop (Custom).jpg

I believe this tells us the amp was manufactured the 246th day of 2002
If I am incorrect you are welcome to correct me.


Classic 30 Receipt B (Small).jpg

Smokin' deal!

Original Preamp Tubes

Classic 30 Original Tubes Croped.jpg

liked the tone of this amp a lot, so much so I walked out the story with it in hand hand about 15 minutes after I played it. But it was obvious it needed some maintenance. It isn't hard to see what the problem was once I pulled these babies out for inspection.

Original Speaker

Blue Marvel ID Plaque (Small).jpg

The Blue Marvel that came in the amp is WAY to basey for me. I mean it sounded good enough to entice me to buy the amp but even when I was laying down the cash I knew this speaker was going for a long ride on a short pier.
I did find a home for it though, in my son's solid state amp. Its a Fender Stage 100 and it seriously emphasis' the highs. This speaker adds some much needed lows and makes for a rather nice balance.

Celestion Upgrade!

Celection G12H-30 (Small).JPG

My Celestion G12H-30 speaker, pretty much my favorite Celestion so far but I haven't had the privilege of playing one of their Alnico's yet. I will though, when I can save up some more cash.