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Jeff McLowry

Introducing the coolest, the most creative, Mr. Popularity himself! The incomparable, the music makinist dude in the west. The ONE! the ONLY!!! Wait... I'm getting a bit carried away huh? Sorry, it's just me. You know, Jeff McLowry... lol

January 2009

Thanks for stopping in! Please use the page links to see what's going on around here. Below is older project tube amp. A modified Carvin X-100B Tube head fitted to a custom built Bamboo enclosure. The amp is now refitted with KT-77 Power Tubes from the good guys at www.eurotubes.com as well as a few (top secret) mods and a set of British "Tonker" speakers. Trust me, turned up, this baby will put a musical boot in your arse!

Rebellion Series.jpg

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