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Power Tubes.


Tube Tamer installed.


Its hard to see but I actually had to tweak the bar on the power tubes. When I was trial fitting I realized the one of the middle tubes wasn't being held snug. I couldn't figure out what was wrong so I began rotating the tubes and found that the problem moved around with the swapping. Apparently all tubes, even those in a matched set, are not necessarily the exact same length and probably aren't the exact same same diameter either. But anyway... I put the long tube on the end and bent the bar ever so slightly and cured the problem.

Right side up.

Tubes11 (Small).jpg

Not to bad for a honky! lol

Lastly, I am planing to purchase the fat tamers they sell at www.eurotubes.com for the the EL84's. Gonna leave the silicone as is on the preamp tunes.

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