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This is my Peavey Classic 30 Tone Tamer project page.

Like all combo tube amps, I have had issues with tube rattles etc.  I did some research on the 'Net and found plenty of convoluted attempts at curtailing the problem.
From O-Rings to rubber hose to clamps etc.  I finally came across a discussion about a device known as a "Tube Tamer". I couldn't find anyone manufacturering these things so I pulled out my trusty ACME tool kit this is what resulted.

TT adding Grommets1.jpg

I meant to take pictures of the cutting and drilling process but I got going and spaced it off. Sorry! The stock is 1" wide, 6.5" long and 1/8" thick. The holes are 9/16" and spaced 1.75" center to center. After all this I realized I should have followed my gut and spaced them about 1.6" apart because 1.75" splays the tubes just a bit - but not enough to worry about.

Ready for shaping.

TT before filing2.jpg

Grommets installed but we still have some rough edges to clean up.

Cleaned up and ready

TT Filed3.jpg

I probably should have painted these but then I would have to wait till tomorrow. You know, instant gratification and all. lol

Silicone on the preamp tubes.

Preamp tubes 4.jpg

When I began looking into vibration absorbers I thought that just about everything I was finding seemed somewhat ridiculous and WAY over priced. One night I had an idea, why can't I run several beads of high temp silicone on the tubes to absorb the vibrations. So I give it a try and I gotta tell you, it knocked out about 70% of the rattling. I ended up swapping out the power tubes because I found the one that was really making the fuss. All I had to do was give it a shake and it would start singin' the blues. But like I said, the silicone made a major difference and 8 bucks at the parts store beats $40 + shipping and waiting a week.

Another view.

Preamp tubes 6.jpg

All the tubes before.


Here's how they looked before beginning.

Preamp tubes with the Tone Tamer.


The springs connect to the stock retainer clip bracket at the base of the tubes. One spring is attached to the front corner and the other to the apposing diagonal corner. This is what balances the bar.

Preamps 2


This is the other end.

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